Do something for yourself this time of year.

Care for you as you care for others...

Why people need a chiropractor


Time is NOW

There is no better time to make sure your nerve system is functioning the best it can.


Build Alignment

The relationship between the spine and command centre is KEY to check mark for the beginning of health.



The better our nerve system functions the better we connect with others and ourselves.

Read some great patient testimonials...


School Teacher

I have greater motion everyday , daily tasks have become easier and i have seen positive results!


Business Owner

I am able to bend, twist, life and play golf again. This is very important to me.

Anne- Marie


The care and compassion i have received in the office are an example or the outstanding service you provide.

Create your success story!

You can be our next success story. You life and vitality are waiting to be expressed in all you do.

I would like a $47.00 spine and nerve system assessment ! $140

About me

Hello! I'm Dr. Laura

The human body is designed to be well, healthy and extraordinary. My goal is to help ensure we experience and express life to the fullest!

We can have good health but poor vitality. Vitality is how bright your bulb is burning to the world, energy, excitement, happiness factor. We want that to shine at 100%

We have specialized technology that measures the capacity and adaptability of the nerve system. The better the nerve system works the better the body navigates and processes life. learn more about me here

Why choose us?


We are investigating machines

We test and retest the ability and capacity of the nerve system to function, heal, repair and adapt.

We make YOU a priority

You are our main priority and deliver world class experiences.

We are a positive environment

We always think, act and speak with positivity and offer that environment to you.

Is this a commitment?

After the report of findings you can decide if this is something you would like?

How will I feel after?

Every body processes the adjustment differently. All change is marked as improvement.

How long will it be?

The first visit is 30 minutes and the report of findings on day 2 is 20 minutes.

Can this be for my family?

Absolutely! A healthy functioning spine and nerve system helps people at any age and stage.